Issue 5: October


Hello. Thanks must go to the patience of our subscribers. Sensible Perth is still finding its feet, but the next year will be dedicated to extending our audience and releasing regular articles. It has been a foolish undertaking, but hopefully not one you regret signing up for. We do need more subscribers, and we encourage you to, if you enjoy the articles and think it would be worthwhile, to subscribe or encourage your friends to do so. If you want to write something, you can submit to us as .

Unfortunately, some problems, such as in the delays of these last two issues, are bound to occur this early in the development of this project. This issue’s delays were brought about by numerous factors, but also simply took a long time to write, and it is the hope of this project that it will eventually be able to sustain such long form inquiry. It is therefore necessary to mention that the form of writing may change from time to time, to include writing such as this, one long article instead of three, four or five shorter ones. It is the hope that Sensible Perth will be able to sustain a variety of critical perspectives and approaches, not just releasing a set of reviews all the time. The only other thing to be said in defence is that Sensible Perth is really cheap.

Finally, a word on a review that will never be written: While cow parade (where art appears to become fat and docile, ready for the slaughter) marches through our streets, we must remain critical – and, I hope, self-critical. Saying no is always a possibility.

This issue is about the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s landing on what has become Australia, and the plague of exhibitions about it that has ensued. It has also interestingly been the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare this year, a strange collusion of anniversaries. We hope you enjoy.