2016: Issue 3: Editorial: Miscellanea

Here we stand at the top of Issue # 3. Sensible Perth will probably be released once every month from here on out – each month’s issue arriving half way through the following month. This is the first issue without an explicit theme, and although we cannot rule out thematic content for future issues, many will surely resemble this one, with its eclectic accumulation of criticism from a particular moment in art. We hope you find something in it anyway.


We are also at the gates of being able to commission writing on a regular basis, and we thank our subscribers for allowing this to happen. We are on the path to providing more thorough and eventually more diverse criticism to the people of our little city. So thank you, and if you have not yet, do consider subscribing. If you also have something to say, then get in touch, either by facebook or our email (sensibleperth(at)gmail.com), and say it! If you want to write something, want to whinge about something, or send a letter to the editor, feel free.


Yours Truly,