2016: Issue 4: Editorial

Distortions is not a great title. Unfortunately this issue is quite late, and so no better name could be arrived at. Each of the exhibitions or artworks featured in this issue are, however, part of a larger purpose art seems to fulfil: to make the world strange again, and allow us to perceive it anew, perhaps alter our perceptions of it forever. The power of art often seems to be negligible, but occasionally one has the benefit of seeing art like that which was presented this September, and it can reaffirm the possibilities of what art can be and can do, and how it can alter the world we live in. Seeing Megan Cope’s Blaktism and James Cooper’s Blend 43 in one day (both on their closing days) reaffirmed this sense, of powerful and often exciting possibility still contained within art, to interrogate and challenge the world.