2016: Issue 1: Editorial: Videographia


There has (like Frank Ocean’s new album) been some delays in making Sensible Perth an online journal, and so we will be releasing three issues in quick succession – This issue from June, July in the next few weeks, and August at the end of this, its self-same month.

Sensible Perth is over one year old now. Although it had no particular plan at its inception, there is clearly a space in Perth for a more serious and regular review publication focusing on contemporary art. Therefore, Sensible Perth is turning into a monthly online magazine. The plan now is that Sensible Perth will become an independent, self-sustaining entity, and perhaps eventually a print journal as well as an online one. Sensible Perth is also moving to a membership platform. This is so that we can commission new writing from a more diverse selection of voices about art in Perth. Members will have access to all articles, both current and archived – most articles will however remain free, and the continued use of this system will depend on its success. We invite you therefore to subscribe, to allow sensible Perth to become a platform for local contemporary art criticism.

This first issue is undoubtedly influenced by the recent developments in the Art scene here. The opening of Success Gallery half a year ago is clearly the major influence in this focus on video art. Such a massive space is inspiring to see, and leaves ripples – here and elsewhere. The development of the screen space at the Art Gallery of Western Australia – barely a year old as well – is also something to consider, and its influence works its way in here. Yet it is also in the very powerful utilisation of the form of video art we have seen locally. There is an awful lot of good video art being made. It is testament to this that though this first issue did not begin with any material or conceptual thematic in mind (and it is unlikely that following issues will have such a thematic), it was eventually realised that every work spoken about was audio-visual in form.

We then invite you to read and think about this inaugural issue of Sensible Perth and the art it contains, and hope you will join us in building a platform for contemporary art criticism here in Perth